About WOC in ELT

WOC in ELT’s Mission

Women of Color in ELT (WOC in ELT) is a safe, courageous, and supportive space for English language teachers who identify as Women of Color. It is a decolonial, intersectional feminist, anti-racist, anti-elitist, anti-precarity, and anti-frontera movement by Women of Color for Women of Color. As a matter of fact, they are not “included”, nor are they “tolerated”. They are welcomed, valued, respected, listened to, heard, and supported by each other.

Adopting a racial equity and intersectional lens, WOC in ELT’s mission is to
support and nurture Women of Color in ELT to come together to build collective power for equity and systemic change by providing a platform to give voice and visibility to Women of Color in ELT.

WOC in ELT is committed to highlighting the work, accomplishments, and contributions of Women of Color in ELT, promoting their development, and advocating for institutional change on their behalf.

WOC in ELT’s Goals

With an intersectional focus in our advocacy efforts, WOC in ELT seeks:

  • To provide an environment by, for, and about Women of Color in ELT that promotes justice, equity, and professional liberation and development.
  • To create a space for fellowship, mentorship, support, and building a sense of belonging and a strong network.
  • To create a community focused on issues and/or solutions that affect and are affected by Women of Color in ELT.
  • To provide fora for the exchange of dialogue on topics and issues pertinent to Women of Color in ELT.
  • To reach out to and engage Women of Color in ELT from all ethnic backgrounds.
  • To spotlight overshadowed racial disparity in ELT.
  • To disseminate information about events, symposia, and conferences about issues concerning Women of Color in ELT.
  • To promote the need to critically examine and confidently call out white supremacy, racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression and inequities and discriminatory practices in ELT.
  • To promote wellness, mental health recovery, healing, self-care, radical love, and a life of creative resistance for Women of Color in ELT.
  • To enhance self-efficacy and mindfulness that lend themselves to empowerment, liberation, and emancipation for Women of Color in ELT.

We encourage you to read the following articles that explain the necessity of safe, valuing, and protecting spaces for People of Color:

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“When people of color are together, there can be healing. We can reclaim parts of ourselves that have been repressed. We can redefine ourselves and support one another in embracing who we are.”