WOC Mental Health


Uncovering the Trauma of Racism: New Tools for Clinicians
When Amy was assaulted by racial slurs, her therapist knew what to do.
Monnica T Williams (2019)
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Love While Challenging Racist Behavior
Ana Perez (2018)
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The Conversation We Need to Have About Mental Health and Women of Color
SaDiedrah Harris (2017)
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Racism Is Literally Bad For Your Health
Michel Martin (2017)
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Before the Burnout
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Brown Girl Self-Care
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Dr. Thema
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The Black Girl Doctor
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Racial Trauma Toolkit #racialtraumaisreal
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Podcast for women of color who
affirm their worth, value mental health, and seek wholeness
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Dr. Janet Helms – “Identity and Racial Trauma” at the 2014 Merle Jordan Conference

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